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This site was built to make it easy for anyone to get started with Youngevity and get the 90 Essential Nutrients!
The ‘Choose Your Pack‘ page with explanation videos makes it simple to decide what to start with.

YOUNGEVITY ASSOCIATES- You can use this site to make it easy for others to get started with Youngevity as well.
Just create an account and enter your YGY ID No. and Phone Number. You’ll get a link you can put on websites or in emails.
You can even create an easy to remember domain name and redirect it to your link. (We can show you how)

When someone visits this site from YOUR link, YOUR phone number and YOUR YGY ID is shown on the site.

And because the checkout goes through Youngevity’s system, anyone who joins or buys from this page goes directly under you.
Your visitors device is ‘cookied’ too, so you’ll get credit when they return.

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